Hi, I am Leo

full-stack dev

What I do

Design + Development

I love creating beautiful user experiences, and hence i tend to get involved in design quite alot. I develop applications primarily in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. I am completely flexible and open to learning new technologies. In the past i have used and amassed some experience in C# and ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL server among others


My Journey in IT began with WordPress theme customisation and it's something i still do upto date. My Portfolio includes websites i designed using WordPress like Justified Ecastsy, Freeman Movers, Sweet Lulus Cakes among others


I have a strong passion for mental health and it's something i have fashioned into a service. I took a 6 months certificate training about couselling and its a service i offer freely to anyone who needs it. In addition, i am the founder of Broken Vessel, an online community dedicated to creating awareness about mental health in society and workplaces

Who I am

Full-stack developer working remotely

My name is Leonard Kanyesigye. I am a 26 year old web developer currently living in Kampala. My love for creating beautiful experiences led me to the IT world as i saw it as opportunity to bringing my imaginations to life.

I have previously worked as Sales Executive for an IT firm in Uganda, and I was responsible for interpreting client requirements and recommending solutions that would help them meet their needs. I also worked as the Operations director for a start-Up, and my main role was to oversee the development of all company projects while being link between the customer and the product.

When I am not coding, I am playing FIFA or watching something intriguing. I have a passion for helping people maintain positive mental health, and I always create time to listen to someone who needs someone to talk too. I do not own any dogs but i am a dog lover.

My work

A selection of my range of work